Wakatou card game

This card game was invented following a simple observation: players are quickly locked into their playing habits and often reproduce the same rhythms. The didgeridoo method provides technical advice; Wakatou sets out to develop your creativity.

Wakatou has three objectives :

  • First of all, to enable you to have fun while learning !
  • Next, to help you discover rhythms thanks to ever-changing combinations.
  • Finally, to help you get beyond your own rhythms by leading you towards new variations.

How to play ?

You can either write your own rhythm, which you can then develop by replacing certain cards with others, or you can let the game draw out cards at random. You will then have a new rhythm to play at each draw of the cards !


Wakatou consists of 128 cards divided into 4 main categories :

  • Beats
  • Sounds
  • Breathings
  • Variations

Wakatou comes in a box with a guidance leaflet.


Download the rules in Engish here !