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  • Time : 30 min
  • How : Skype lessons
  • Price : from 30€
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Isolation is the biggest challenge for players. It’s all very well to have tutorials, perhaps a didgeridoo guide, yet often we don’t know how we’re really doing. Regardless of whether you’re learning for pleasure, to become a professional or even just to help with sleep apnoea, private courses are the best way to progress. We’ll spend the time together to help you advance. With more than 10 years’ experience teaching the didgeridoo, I’d be happy to help you !
The format offering the best results is a 30-minute lesson every two weeks. This arrangement has several advantages. It’s perfect to take stock of your level while giving you new techniques to explore. In addition, it gives you time between sessions to play your didgeridoo and practise what you’ve learnt. So, are you ready for your first lesson ?!

What my students say

“Gauthier targets what needs work, the breathing, the articulation of the tongue or the movement of the lips – in short, a true surgeon of technique. Very patient and encouraging. We came out of the course with a little work to do, lots of fun. You can only progress, highly recommended.”

— Ioannis O.–
“I strongly recommend the online didgeridoo courses with Gauthier ! The content and the method of teaching are highly professional and the lessons are really fun. I felt like I was saving time in my learning and being supported by a true artist of the instrument. Gauthier knows what works, a good ear and patience !”

— Pascal V. —
“An individual course is a lot more intense than a group workshop. One tailor-made hour to progress can beat six months of trial and error. I have just finished my first hour which passed incredibly quickly but very efficiently. Advice, encouragement, approaches to follow and various tests followed one after the other. Rehearsal, discovery of the Wakatou card game, indispensable for a good understanding of rhythms and breathing. I can’t wait for the next hour and putting in place the advice given. Thank you.”

— Jean-Pierre S. —
“The Skype classes with Gauthier really enabled me to progress. Each class is adapted to your level and you leave with small exercises to work on for the next session. Something which I really appreciated was that Gauthier put us all at ease and we never had the feeling of not measuring up. His advice is very clear and he quickly sees which areas need to be worked on in each class. And if you want to work on one technique in particular, no problem. In summary, each course was a pleasure and a great moment for sharing. We left each time looking forward to the next.”

— Romuald F. —
“Gauthier, without your course, I would never have got beyond the laborious wailing in which I was stagnating. Your friendly approach, dynamic, intelligent and professional, permitted me to discover the wonderful hidden world of the didgeridoo. Listening, with patience, finesse and subtlety, you guided me towards a play I hadn’t imagined it possible to attain. Thank you, Gauthier.”

— Claude M. —
“Gauthier Aubé’s teaching, like his playing, is subtle ! With great kindness and an infinite patience he can lead you where he wants you, while being demanding and precise in his requests. If you’re motivated, you can only progress.”

— Marie-Claude P. —

Online didgeridoo lessons – practical informations

How does didgeridoo courses work via Skype?

All you need is Skype installed. A microphone and a webcam on your computer. We agree to an appointment. I send you my Skype ID if you do not have it yet ( Then we meet at the time of our appointment.

Install Skype

If you do not have Skype yet, you can download it for free : Windows version or Mac version. After this, you only have to create a Skype account.

Schedule your class today

To arrange an appointment, contact me either by mail or by phone: +33 6 52 04 37 48. I teach didgeridoo every Tuesday. From experience, we always manage to find a schedule that suits both. Contact me to talk about it. 🙂

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