Learn circular breathing in several days so that you can start playing your first rhythms without stopping ! Yes, it’s possible (and even easy !)

  • Broken down into 4 exercises these videos will allow you to understand and use continuous breathing in your play, whatever your level.
  • Discover the four simple, progressive steps that will help you to acquire circular breathing in several days.
  • And as a bonus, a video in which I give you an alternative exercise which will help you accomplish your goal: the mastery of circular breathing !

One of the best didgeridoo players in Europe

“In addition to being one of the best didgeridoo players in Europe, Gauthier stands out for his teaching talent. His superb listening, his patience, humour and humanity make his courses very enjoyable. I left each one feeling enriched and very motivated. I strongly recommend Gauthier as a teacher.”
– Marc DW – Belgique –

A patient teacher

“Gauthier is a patient teacher. His explanations are clear. His attentive listening to his students’ playing allows him to target their weaknesses. The exercises he chose were relevant and allowed me to vary my style and my repertoire. He is the ideal remedy if you’re stuck with your progress or your playing style.” 

– Luc C – Singapour –

A remarkable instructor

Gauthier is a truly remarkable instructor, for his professionalism, his charisma, his knowledge of the human body, his sensitivity and his generosity to share his passion for the didgeridoo.
– Prin Obelle – Belgique –