All level didgeridoo method

In addition to reviewing the basics of didgeridoo playing, this method is the first one to tackle the most modern didgeridoo playing techniques. It is an update of the possibilities that the instrument offers, whether you are a beginner, advanced or an experienced player, you will definitely find something for you here !

More than a simple coursebook, this 130-page book and CD (98 tracks) is a must to discover the world of didgeridoo and get you on your way !
Method Content Overview :

  • The various materials used for making the instrument.
  • 6 continuous breathing techniques.
  • Harmonics and tongue attacks.
  • The pressure, cheeks and throat reliefs.
  • Beat Box sounds.
  • The Wobbles.
  • Approach of composition.
  • A guide to help you choose your didgeridoo.
  • 60 exercises to help you in your learning.
  • 50 beats to work on.
  • 15 pages of biographies, discographies and a directory of French non-profit didgeridoo organisations.

Unfortunately, the didgeridoo method is only in french.
However I would love to translate it in english.

If you are interested about it,
please let me know and fill the form just below !